No lag

Our powerful no-lag system will ensure that while playing, you'll encounter 0 lag (unless your ping sucks)!

Grief punishment

If you got griefed and want to know who did it, don't worry! We can check who griefed you and punish them. Sadly, we can't roll back your base.

Discord chat connection

Using one of our mods, you're able to talk to people in-game through our Discord server (https://simpearth.xyz/discord).

Fast dynamic map

We have a fast, fully dynamic, map that can be accessed freely through your browser, check it out here: https://map.simpearth.xyz/!

Land claiming mod

We use a reliable, fully compatible land claiming mod called Flan, it has every feature you'd ever want!

Nice community and helpful staff

Since the server members need to be voted in, they're all super kind and respectful to each other. Our staff is also one-of-a-kind, we'll help you as soon as possible!